What Does Anzac Day Commemorate?

On 25 April every year, Australians celebrate Anzac Day to commemorate the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. Ex service men and woman who have served their country in battle march together as a sign of respect for those who lost their lives protecting our freedom. During the Second World War Anzac Day became a day on which the lives of all Australians lost in war time were remembered and in modern times we remember every Australian who has ever gone to war.

Why Do Returned Soldiers Deserve Our Respect?

Many Australian lives have been lost on battlefields all over the world to protect what they believed in. No they were not brainwashed nor did they follow like sheep, they were forced by world events beyond their control to stand up and fight for their country. Stopping the enemy before they reached the shores of Australia and New Zealand was the only way they could protect their families. The enemies they faced raped, pillaged and carried out numerous atrocities on innocent men, woman and children. Without the efforts of the Anzac's we would not have the free prosperous lives most of us enjoy everyday.

Why Is Anzac Day So Important?

On Anzac day we have a national holiday to hold memorial services in honor of the men and woman who have gone to war to protect their country. Australian's and New Zealander's have constructed many war memorials in locations at home and in significant locations around the world. For the veterans it is a day to remember those who died at war, those who have passed since and it is also a day to spend some time with the mates who are still alive. For the rest of us it is a day to respect the wishes and the efforts of our elders by continuing the tradition.

What does 'Lest We Forget' Mean?

Lest We Forget is a plea that we never forget past sacrifices and the tradgedy of war. We hope that by remembering wars of the past will help keep the peace and make the world a better place for us all to live.

Doesn't Anzac Day Promote War?

The argument that Anzac day promotes war doesn't hold water when everything is considered, in fact the opposite is true. Remembering past wars every year gives us an annual reminder of the consequences and the ultimate price we pay if/when some politician decides to deploy Australian troops. Yes there are wars that should never have been but that is not the fault of any Anzac, in every case you can blame a politician. More

Should Australia Become a Republic?

This is a trick question so before deciding if Australia should become a republic some of the major consequences must be considered. The reason many people support becoming a republic is to leave the Commonwealth and end our association with the monarchy and England. From one perspective to be a truly multi-cultural society we should become independent but from another we need to build on our cultural heritage not destroy it.

It is a perplex issue without a right or wrong answer and the type of republic that would be formed is extremely important. If we have a US style republic a command from a single person can commit our troops to war without going to cabinet or consulting with the appropriate organisations. Very few countries that were part of the Commonwealth that have become republics are better off for it, for many it has been a disaster. Consider what we put at risk.