About the Anzac Axuz Website

As an Australian I respect the efforts of the troops that have represented our country in many conflicts during our short history. My Grandad Peter Hilland McCoid a Scotsman served in the Australian Army during World War II. Along with others he went to war to protect his motherland and the land where he made a home for his family, Australia. My mother has told me stories about her father leaving the family home and going off to war.

Grandad lived with us until he died of throat cancer when I was 5 years old and ever since I am always reminded of him on Anzac day. From a young age I was a member of Hyde Street School Band and I performed at several Anzac parades every year wearing his medals. We always marched in the local Anzac parades held by Maribyrnong RSL, Altona RSL and also in the main parade in the Melbourne.

There is no experience in life or words that can describe marching up the steps of the shrine being watched on TV and by the dignitaries with the returned soldiers. And when the march is over you see men unite with their mates and enjoy a few beers while reflecting on the past. It is a day when old men become larrikins looking for a pub to sneak into before the official opening time or partaking in a game of 2-up. Thankfully the laws have changed with the pubs opening earlier legally and 2-up is legalised for the day.

I hope this website gives my kids, there kids, many other kids and so on an insight into Anzac day and that they keep the tradition alive forever. There will always be opponents who say Anzac a day glorifies war and they are welcome to their opinion but they have no right to interfere with Anzac day nor do the politicians, it is not their day. Anzac Day is not the day to debate the merits and politics of war it is a day to remember the men and women who went to war, we owe them much more than a day every year but that is all they ask for.