Anzac Hymns

  • Abide With Me
  • God Bless Australia
  • O Valiant Hearts
  • Recessional
  • Advance Australia Fair
The You Tube clip on the left is called Can You Hear Australia's Heroes Marching?

This national war memorial song is a tribute to the Anzac spirit of mateship, courage and sacrifice.

It could be said that Australia has grown to what it is today because of the Anzac spirit that still lives on.
Below is the sheet music for the main army calls, traditionally these pieces were played on a bugle but often they are played on a cornet. Some people attempt to play the tunes on a trumpet and this is not acceptable because of the different tone produced. A trumpet has a very flat shallow tone due to the tubing remaining the same size up to the bell of the instrument. The tubing of a cornet gradually increases in size after it exits the valves giving a much richer tone than a trumpet and making it a much more expensive instrument.

The Last Post

The Last Post Sheet Music


Reveille Sheet Music

Rouse (Short Reveille)

Rouse (Short Reveille) Sheet Music